Asthma Guide

Simple tips to living a healthier lifestyle


View all Leaflets compiled by the NAEP in order to disseminate impartial information about asthma diagnosis and treatment to health professionals and the South African public!

Action Plans

Action plans which will assist you with making living with Asthma and improve your overall Lifestyle. Action Plans compiled by years of research by our trained professionals.

Asthma Diary

A Day to Day Diary for you to keep and log. This Diary will assist you with keeping a personal Journal of your Asthma occurrences. Studies have shown that triggers can be identified from Diary Entries over a duration of time.


Diagrams and Illustration to improve one's understanding of how Asthma Affects one. These Diagrams are simple to understand, giving you an in depth knowledge base for your Asthma and how it affects You!

Medicine Poster

Consult with your doctor about your medication and technique and check if you are getting enough controller medication. If you are getting enough controller medication your symptoms (eg. coughing, wheezing, tight chest, waking at night) will become less and can even disappear.